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Demolition at the Skyline Area

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Map of Skyline Area

The Skyline Area primarily consists of a set of eight 100,000-gallon aboveground storage tanks that were used to hold potable and non-potable reclaimed industrial water. The area covers approximately 5.6 acres. Skyline Road, in this area, generally runs east and west and lies to the south of the Bravo Area. The water was gravity fed to both the Alfa and Bravo testing facilities and used as cooling water and/or fire protection water during testing operations. These tanks also provided non-potable, reclaimed industrial wastewater for the Coca and the Delta Areas to the southwest. Water was used to cool the flame deflector bucket of the test stand during testing. Demolition in this area includes removal of the aboveground storage tanks and a power pole that held a set of elevated transformers.

Demolition Updates

NASA continues with demolition work in the Skyline Area

Published 8/6/2016

NASA kicked off Phase 2 of demolition in the Skyline Area to remove obsolete water tanks and pipeline. The photos below show the progress made with demolition of the Skyline water tanks and the pipeline leading from the water tanks to the Coca Test Area.

Skyline Tanks
This photo shows the Skyline area in March 2016, just before demolition work began. Ten water tanks can be seen on the top of a hill in the distance.
March 2016
This photo shows the Skyline area in July 2016, after significant progress with demolition work. Just two water tanks can be seen on the top of a hill in the distance.
June 2016
Skyline Coca Pipeline
This photo shows a large water pipeline extending from the Skyline area on the top of a hill, down to the Coca Test Area in March 2016, before demolition work began.
March 2016
This photos shows the hillside leading from Skyline area down to the Coca Test Area. This was taken in Juy 2016 after the pipeline had been removed as part of NASA demolition activities.
June 2016