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Groundwater Cleanup

Groundwater cleanup operations
Groundwater cleanup operations

NASA has been working with Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) under the 2007 Consent Order For Corrective Action that defines the process for characterization and cleanup of groundwater at SSFL.

In 2016 NASA completed its groundwater investigations to characterize the nature and extent of the source area groundwater contamination, understand the groundwater flow direction and rate, and understand the behavior of groundwater flow with respect to bedrock faults and fractures within the plume. The purpose of these investigations is to aid in the selection of appropriate groundwater remediation technologies for the site.

A groundwater extraction treatment system (GETS) became operational in 2009 as an interim measure. With this system, groundwater is extracted from NASA well WS-09A located in Area II and pumped to the GETS for treatment. The system as a whole is designed to extract groundwater from 14 wells across SSFL.

NASA is currently awaiting DTSC's decision document outlining the cleanup actions they have selected, at which time NASA will be able to implement final cleanup actions.