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Area II Major Rocket Engine Programs

Program Test Areas Duration Sponsoring Agency Number of Tests Performed a
  1. a The number of tests is approximate and combines tests performed at all test areas listed.
  2. b The Atlas and Delta program engines were not all necessarily owned by NASA, but they were tested for NASA.
  3. c SSFL test areas were not identified for the Atlas program. 7,677 tests occurred through 1983, but the test area was not identified. Atlas engines also were tested at the Bowl area, outside of Area II.
  4. d It is uncertain whether the Lance program had other sponsors in addition to the Army.
  5. e This approximate number of tests is through 1983.
Navaho Alfa, Coca 1956-1957 USAF 472
Atlas b Alfa, Bravo, Coca, Delta 1954-2005 USAF /NASA 1,869 c
Jupiter Alfa, Delta 1957-1963 Army 118
Thor Alfa, Bravo, Delta 1955-1979 USAF 2,527
E-1, Pre F-1 Bravo, Delta 1956-1960 USAF /NASA 24 (NASA)
146 (USAF)
X-1, X-4 Delta 1958-1961 USAF 393 (X-1)
12 (X-4)
F-1 Saturn V Bravo 1960-1970 Army/NASA N/A
J-2 Saturn V Coca, Delta 1960-Late 1960s NASA N/A
Lance Delta 1962-1970 Army d N/A
Lunar Ascent/Descent Delta, Bravo 1962-1980 NASA N/A
SSME Coca 1973-1988 NASA N/A
RS-27 Delta b Alfa, Bravo 1971-2006 NASA 312 e
USAF Lasers ELV (Bldg. 203) 1971-2006 USAF N/A
MX-Peacekeeper Delta (PLF) 1978-1985 USAF N/A , Stage IV loading

Unless otherwise indicated, all images are provided by NASA.

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